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People at the Centre for Grieg Research

Professor Tomi Mäkelä

Professor Tomi Mäkelä is also professor in musicology at the Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg.

He has been responsible for large research projects on Nordic music, financed by Finnish authorities, like the Finnish Academy of Sciences (SA/FA), Svenska Litteratursällskapet i Finland (SLS), Finnish Cultural Foundation (SKR) or Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation.

Tomi Mäkelä has recently published four books on Sibelius: 1) ’Poesie in der Luft’. Jean Sibelius, Studien zu Leben und Werk (Breitkopf 2007), 2) Sibelius, me ja muut (Teos 2007), 3) Jean Sibelius und seine Zeit (Laaber 2013). His ’Poesie in der Luft’ was celebrated by the critics internationally. It got the distinguished German award ’Geisteswissenschaft international’ 2008 and was consequently translated into English, and slightly extended, under the title Jean Sibelius (Boydell 2011).

In Mäkelä’s Sibelius-research Edvard Grieg is frequently mentioned, and problems relevant to the Grieg-studies analysed. In his DrPhil-dissertation (TU Berlin 1988) on virtuosity and work-character Mäkelä studied Grieg’s piano concerto in a theoretical framework. His theoretical interests in music reached their highpoint in the book Klang und Linie (Lang 2004) on experimental ensemble music after Arnold Schönberg’s Pierrot lunaire.

Mäkelä has wide interests in music and music education. Being an enthusiastic, Vienna-trained pianist and piano teacher himself, he has studied the performative aspects of music. Mäkelä is also interested in international cooperation in the domain of music education. In January 2013 he joined a group of professional visiting the Royal Opera House in Muscat, Oman, on the occasion of a project devoted to children’s musical education in the crossroad of traditionally local and Western/academic traditions.

2010 he was member of a group that organized an international conference on performance related studies in Helsinki: ’Embodiment of Authority’. In music history his main interest are the 19th and 20thCenturies, even though he has published on earlier topics like John Bull, Händel and Telemann. He has written books on Aarre Merikanto (Noetzel 1996), Friedrich Wieck (Bockel 1998) and Fredrik Pacius (SLS 2009). He has published on contemporary music, and in Germany he is frequently used as specialist of Finnish musical avant-garde from Aulis Sallinen and Paavo Heininen to Esa-Pekka Salonen and Kaija Saariaho. A book on Finnish music of the 20th Century is in print.

In the mid-1990s, before starting as a professor at the Albertus-Magnus-Universität zu Köln Mäkelä was active in a Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)-research project devoted to the search for and catalogue on private archival resources of exiled musicians in California. The catalogue was later published as Quellen zur Geschichte emigrierter Musiker 1933–1950, Band 1 Kalifornien (Saur 2002). 2006 Mäkelä worked as a visiting professor at the EHESS in Paris. 2013 Mäkelä joined the editorial board (Redaksjon) of Studia Musicologica Norvegica (Universitetsforlaget).

Professor Patrick Dinslage

Professor Patrick Dinslage is also professor at Universität der Künste Berlin (Berlin University of the Arts), Faculty of music. This university is the largest school of the arts in Europe and comprises both the former Musikhochschule (est. 1869) and Kunsthochschule (est. 1696). These institutions were merged in 1975. Since 2005 the “Edvard-Grieg-Forschungsstelle” is located at Universität der Künste. This institute was first established at the university in Münster in 1995, and then moved to Berlin under the leadership of prof. Dinslage.

In 1997/98 Dinslage was invited to participate for six months in the international research group “Edvard Grieg in National and International Culture” at the Centre for Advanced Studies at the Norwegian Academy for Science and Letters. He was also visiting scholar at Department of Musicology, University of Oslo, spring 2000. At present he is part of the Norwegian Music Heritage project in the group for the reediting of the Grieg Gesamtausgabe (GGA).

He has published several scholarly articles on Grieg’s music and been advisor to PhD-students on topics relating to Grieg’s music and other Scandinavian music, also composers like Fartein Valen and Geirr Tveitt.

Patrick Dinslage is former president of The International Grieg Society.

Professor Arvid O. Vollsnes

Professor Arvid O. Vollsnes is also professor at the University of Oslo, Department of Musicology.

He has headed several major projects, the most extensive being “History of Norwegian Music” (1997–2001) with 53 scholars, archivalists etc. This resulted in the publishing of a five-volume work (including 10 CD records), Norges musikkhistorie, with Vollsnes as its editor.

He was also leader of the team and chief editor and writer of Norges opera- og balletthistorie (History of Norwegian Opera and Ballet, published 2010).

Vollsnes initiated and headed the group, which paved the way for and founded NoTAM, the Norwegian Network for Technology, Acoustics and Music in 1992. He acted as chairman of its board for eight years.

He has been on various international boards and committees – and even more national. He was visiting Fulbright scholar for a year at Yale University, USA, and for years has been an associate of the Centre for Computer Assisted Research in the Humanities, Stanford University, USA, and OMF (Observatoire Musical Français), Université Sorbonne-Paris IV.

Vollsnes has published several articles on Grieg’s music, and he was part of the team behind the publication of Edvard Grieg Collected works (GGA) and editor of volume 7.

He has now started the project GGA2 under the auspices of the Norwegian Musical Heritage ( to have a more extensive and modern version of the complete works of Edvard Grieg.

He is former president of The International Grieg Society.

Audun Sannes Jonassen

Første doktorgradsstipendiat, Audun Sannes Jonassen er i arbeid ved senteret fra medio april 2012.